Fast Fibre in Hopton Village Offer

Published: 14 December 2020


Bringing fibre to every household and business in Hopton Village, that wants it, is the brainchild of a Hopton resident.

It will be co-ordinated by Hopton Parish Council and facilitated by Support Staffordshire, with Openreach laying all the cables. As long as we get enough residents and business owners to sign up to it, it will be relatively cheap; and grants are available.

The Parish Council has communicated all of this to every Hopton resident and we are asking people to register an interest at this stage. If there is enough interest, the Parish Council will obtain a voucher through the community fibre voucher scheme. We will then be given a price to get fibre into the village and the cost will be divided up amongst all residents who want to take it to the next stage.

No-one will be asked to sign up until he/she has been given an e-mail price for how much it will cost individually, taking into account the many grants that are on offer.

To register your interest please e-mail the Parish Clerk on

Sylvia Gibson
Parish Clerk.