The Neighbourhood Plan to date


    Neighbourhood Plan Working Group

    In order to get representation from more residents the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group was formed.

    This consists of 4 Councillors and a number of residents. The first two meetings were spent learning about the Parish Council and the planning system. The following meetings have been spent looking at the issues that affect the Parish and deciding how the Neighbourhood Plan could help.

    The Group has commissioned a Housing Needs Assessment and is talking to the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust about environmental issues.

    A draft Neighbourhood Plan has been emerging but the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group now feels that a wider conversation with residents is needed to make sure that the plan meets their needs.

    To this end, two public engagement events will be arranged. These will take place at Hopton Village Hall from 2.30pm to 6.30pm on 2nd October and on Bayswater Square, St Mary’s Gate from 1pm to 6pm on 9th October. There will be information and light refreshments available and people anxious to get your ideas about the future direction of the Parish.

    If residents don’t consider that the Neighbourhood Plan meets their needs then they won’t vote for it in the referendum so it’s important that we get it right.

    We want local people to be involved every step of the way

    – after all, the Hopton and Coton Neighbourhood Plan will not be adopted unless a majority of residents vote for it!

    It’s your area and it will be your plan.

    Once adopted, the Neighbourhood Plan will be one of the documents the planners will consult when deciding if a development can go ahead or not.

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