The Neighbourhood Plan to date

 The Neighbourhood Plan to date

 When a community has a Neighbourhood Plan, it means that a number of people have worked very hard to decide, with the help of local residents, what the parish will look like for many years to come.

Hopton village is in a particularly vulnerable position, because two large housing estates have already been planned.

One, by Stafford Crematorium, has already been built and the other one, between the Sandon Road and Beaconside, will be larger with shops and schools etc. There is also the possibility that a new Garden Community could be built just a little way to the north, at Marston.

In addition, seven landowners in the parish have put forward eight plots of land for development. Whilst there is no certainty that the plots will be developed (at the moment, they don’t fit the Development Plan for the area), there is a possibility, nevertheless, that the areas to the east and south of the village will be developed.

Hence the Neighbourhood Plan.

As part of the Development Plan, the Neighbourhood Plan can have a significant effect on development. It can look at all of the positive aspects of an area and decide to enhance them e.g.;


  • the level of biodiversity, 
  • the country feel of the village and 
  • wide-open spaces beyond.

    Origins of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group

    Accordingly, a Neighbourhood Plan Working Group was formed.

    During the first two meetings, members were trained in the workings of the planning system etc., so that, when ideas for the future are discussed, we know what we are talking about!

    The rest of the meetings were devoted to having a look at what people think is good about our area and working out ways to keep and enhance these aspects.

    We want local people to be involved every step of the way

    – after all, the Hopton and Coton Neighbourhood Plan will not be adopted unless a majority of residents vote for it!

    It’s your area and it will be your plan.

    Once adopted, the Neighbourhood Plan will be one of the documents the planners will consult when deciding if a development can go ahead or not.