It was decided many years ago to replace the Village Hall, as it is in a state of disrepair.

With the advent of a promise of £350,000 from HS2 as soon as Phase 2a starts, this made the thought of a new building entirely feasibile. Other monies will come from possibly a loan or grants.

To add to that we also have the results of the Local Needs Survey and the requirements of Hopton Parish council for its 5 year strategy. Those, together with Public Consultation events will guide the New Build Working Group as to exactly what a new village hall would look like.

New Build Working Group Meetings


  1. 1st April 2021, 6:30pm.      Agenda   Minutes of the meeting.
  2. 4th May 2021, 6:30pm.      Agenda   Minutes of the meeting.


Hopton Parish Council 5 Year Strategy