The Neighbourhood Plan

Introduction to the Neighbourhood Plan -see below 

Introduction to the Neighbourhood Plan

A model house sitting on a plan drawing. 

Neighbourhood Plans - general introduction. 

Neighbourhood Planning was introduced by the Localism Act in 2011. A successful Neighbourhood Plan should give the parish an effective tool, with which we can help shape future development to local needs.

The idea behind localism is that decision-making should be passed to a more local level. Parish and town councils can now put into place a strategy and policies for the future development of their area. Whilst this can present many opportunities, producing a Neighbourhood Plan will take a lot of work from many people.

Hopton and Coton Parish Neighbourhood Plan 

Hopton and Coton Parish Council agreed at the end of 2019 to start the process for producing a Neighbourhood Plan for our parish.

In order to produce a successful Neighbourhood Plan, it will require input to the plan from many people, including the residents of the parish; the Parish Councillors; local businesses; and independent consultants, who can provide specialist knowledge to help make our plan a success for Hopton and Coton.

We will also need to liaise closely with Stafford Borough Council so that our final Neighbourhood Plan aligns with the contents of the Borough's "New Local Plan", which they are also developing at present. 

The final Neighbourhood Plan will be put to the residents of Hopton and Coton Parish so that they can vote in a referendum, whether to accept the Plan or not. If the residents vote "Yes" to the Plan, it will become a legal document that will have to be consulted in any planning application.

Please return to this page from time to time where we will post information when we have it on the present development of the plan.

To find out about the new Stafford Plan and how it affects Hopton and Coton Parish,
please visit New Stafford Local Plan 2020-2040 on the Stafford Borough Council website.